Heart Box Project

This small sculpture is for a Found Object Artists group show at the Snyderman/Works Gallery in Philadelphia, Pa. My concept was to start with the "flaming heart" icon and create a functional piece of art around it. The piece is titled "Don't Cut Your Tongue On The Rhinestones" • A Jewelry Box. A small metal box in the back of the piece holds a button that opens the money drawer with a "BING". When you remove the glass "flame" at the top you find a rosary attached with a silver tongue-milagro at the end of it upon which sits a large Rhinestone. It's my statement about Temptation and the lure of all things Shiny. The materials start with a working vintage cash-drawer, carved packing foam for the heart and cast iron feet from a small room heater. The surfaces are covered in ceramic tile, glass tiles, Smalti bits, blue mirror, dish ware, bowls, mugs, mirrored bottle bottoms, figurines, miniature soda bottle, salt and pepper shakers, brooches, stick pins, medals, marbles, GM keys, tongue-milagros, rhinestones and a perfume bottle. The removable stopper has red glass beads attached. At the end of the beads is a rhinestone soldered to the tip of a tongue-milagro.

DIMENSIONS: Heart: 20" Wide X 20" deep X 28" high • Price upon request through Snyderman/Works Gallery • 215.238.9576