South Pasadena Public Library

I was commissioned in 2011 to turn an ugly column in the children’s room of the South Pasadena Library into a center piece for the librarian’s desk area. The room is an 80’s addition to a late 20’s Carnegie built library. I changed the shape of the column to be thicker with a fluted top and placed a 3D question mark in front to represent questions asked and questions answered. Each side is anchored by black and white panels with Love, Learn, Live and Laugh surrounded by scrabble panels, checker board panels and a sky at the top. Elements representing the subjects found in the library are placed through out the mosaic. Simple 1” glass tiles were used to cover the desk and cabinets to pull the area together with the new column. I am now creating a mosaic for the entry to the children’s room that will be unveiled in June 2016.